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Resolved! Help with movie mod on rebel t5

Hi every one im new so i got a rebel t5 as a gift and i like it but I have a problem that i when i want to shoot movie i se my exposure to manual but in the display the line next to aperture which looks like a exposure line but i cannot control it I ...

My new Rebel Eos T6i won't connect with printer

I have tried to set up my camera to my HP printer using: Infrastructure mode:   1.  Wi-Fi connection on home network.  It tells me the printer needs to be connected to the Wi-fi network, but it is connected. 2.  Printer direct - It tells me it is con...

bguag by New Contributor
  • 3 replies

Canon t5 rebel eos won't turn on

I have a canon eos t5 rebel and recently I recorded prom and now the camera won't turn on. I have tried charging the battery to see if that's the case it didn't work. I tried to change the battery it didn't work. Is there anything knows that I can do...

Resolved! Err 01 and black spots on Review screen 6D

I recently went to Monument Valley on a workshop. Right before I left I started getting the err 01 msg about the lens connection with camera.Now after I take a picture, my viewing screen will go back and forth making the sky, sun, any bright part bla...

SD Card Error on XSi

Hello,while taking a sequence of photos with my XSi while on vacation this morning, I got a card error referring to my SD card needing to be reformatted. This was a 32gb card which had about 8-10gb left. After reinserting the card, the error message ...

mwm5367 by New Contributor
  • 1 replies

Frequency spectrum on the EOS Rebel SL1 mike?

I recorded live piano recently (on my Canon SL1), and thought that the notes in the lower ranges did not sound deep enough. I realize thta the mike is not supposed to be great in any camera. In fact, one of the reasons I bought it was becaue I saw th...

LNovik by New Contributor
  • 2 replies