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Battery Chamber Issues After Bump

Hi, I'm new to this community, and I hope someone can help me! I have an RF camera, which has been bumped but never dropped-that I am aware of (my hubby occasionally uses it). The battery cover broke off and was replaced a couple of years ago, no pro...

Rebel XT not giving sharp images

HiMy Rebel XTis not giving me sharpen images lately. It's served me well for years. Do I throw it, or is there a way to refurbish, refresh it?is it worth putting any money into it, or is it time to upgrade?Is the Rebel still top of the line for perso...

cgross by Contributor
  • 13 replies

EOS 80D to iPhone connection issue

I have connected my eos 80D to my iPhone Canon Camera Connection app via wifi many times in the past but recently I have no been able to.I'm able to connect my phone to the camera's wifi network, but the app can not discover the camera and the camera...

EOS R5 Err 70

I just received a new EOS R5 and out of the box I was getting an err 70 lockup. I thought updating the firmware would resolve the problem but the err 70 continues. I have now received a message 20 or 25 times over the course of 100 frames. Is the a c...

MBP by Apprentice
  • 24 replies

Canon R5 ERR 70 Message + losing images

Hi there. I am experiencing the dreaded ERR 70 on my Canon EOS R5 just purchased at Christmas with a Canon Mount adaptor EF-EOS R. Whenever the error occurs I lose all the photos that I’ve previously taken. This occurred at a wedding I was shooting l...

NattyA by Apprentice
  • 5 replies
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