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Canon M50 Adapter

Hello I need so help finding adapter that will fit a canon M50 to Minolta Marcus 5 lens I recently bought the M50 a while ago.. I was going Thru my old stuff and found a bunch of Minolta x700 lens and Minolta maxxum5 lens... I wanted to see if they m...

EOS 6D Mark II - Liveview Sleep Mode

I just received a used Canon EOS 6D Mark II and played with it for a bit. This is an upgrade from my Canon Mark 5d II. I was shooting in live view and after every photo was taken, the screen went black and I had to wake up the camera again. Is this n...

Locking Aperture

I own an EOS RP RF24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM Lens Kit. Is it possible to lock the aperture with the lens it comes with? Anytime I zoom in during shooting, the aperture changes and this affects every other settings. This makes shooting very difficult duri...

Resolved! EOS RP Auto Focus Woes

I'm wondering if i'm being overly fussy about this. I've got an EOS RP with an EF adapter and a Tamron 28-75 XR DI LD f2.8 (the older one, not the newer one) and I just can't seem to get sharp pictures using auto focus. I set up a brief test to try a...

n0fumar by Occasional Contributor
  • 7 replies

Connecting M50 to cell phone

Serious problem!Tried to connect m50 to cell phone. M50 MAC Address different from my cell phone MAC Address.Camera Connect is installed on cell phone, no updates from google play.It seems that the m50 creates its own wi fi network which has no inter...

Resolved! Canon R5 help

 I noticed today that on my EOS-R5 that the recording time pops up in orange at 00:00 next to my battery level even though i’m in manual exposure mode for photos, when I switch to video recording mode it changes to 17:09 which is the correct amount o...

Camcam21 by New Contributor
  • 3 replies

Eos Rebel T8i connecting to my Desk Top Computer

Two questions.  Both on conectivity.  #1)  My Rebel T7i is fading fast. I'm looking at a Rebel T8i, Doing research I get a message that my desk top OS10 has no compatible drive. But driver may be in my OS or I may not need one. I am NOT computer savv...

Kay3 by New Contributor
  • 4 replies

Videos with my T7

Pondering doing some videos and would like some advice from the community. The manual says to use a certain memory card and have no problem with that...except where to find one. Any advice is appreciated.

Tintype_18 by Super Contributor
  • 6 replies