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CANON T5i Exposure Meter Not accurate

Hey there guys, well my problem is that I have a canon t5i amd everytime I take a photo no matter what mode I am in (P/M/Aperture, etc) I will obtain different pictures if I take the photo with the screen or through the view finder. The one taken thr...

Hamdrex by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Attempting to make camera heavier

Hello all!  So I recently purchased a EOS M50 and I really do like it as it's my first camera so entry level felt right. However, I hit a slight snag and instead of trying to back track on it, I'd like to make it work.  I purchased the DJI Ronin S st...

EOS 5D mark 3 exposure metering problem

Today, I got a problem with my 5D mark 3. I was using my 5D mark 3 and speedlite on Camera. After finished shooting, I took off the flash from the camera and shot it in Program mode (P) without flash, and auto ISO setting. I found out that my camera'...

Zeal by Apprentice
  • 12 replies

70D Live View

Hey y’all.  My live view is not working at all. Canon lens attached.... any ideas?? I really need it back up as I’m mostly a landscape photographer and use a tripod.  Thanks, Jennifer 

Hospital Photograpy

A friend of mine is due with her baby any day now. She wants me to take photos of the birth for her. I have never done them before so I’m looking for help. I have a Canom T6i and would like some help on what settings I should use to get eh best photo...

T3i movies without sound

I want to use my t3i for video with reference sound, but some of my test files have no sound at all. That is, I import to Adobe Premiere Pro and there's only a video component; no audio.  On my last test, I played the file back on the camera and hear...

Exposure simulation on SL2/200D

Hi all, I'm using a non TTL flash in manual mode on my SL2/200D and I'm really struggling with the dim display using liveview. It brightens up for a fraction of a second, but not for long enough for me to compose my shot. I understand that I may need...

Resolved! T3i Rebel stuck in menu mode

 Hi There,  My Canon T3i Rebel seems to be stuck in menu mode, and will not allow you to switch to display, review or take a photo.  I've tried detaching the lense, I've tried taking the memory card out, I've tried switching modes and manual settings...

Faye414 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Eos 60 LCD Blank

hello everyone, i have eos 60d about 7 years, i used it as hobby, and just for vacation, shutter count is about 28kmy eos 60d has no error message, still OK when power upwhen on stand by, LCD is blank, i cannot operating it for changes menu setting o...

renotov by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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