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Canon Eos Rebel T7I backplay

I have a Canon Eos Rebel T7I and i have two lens a 55mm and 300mm, when I switch them between the two I always turn the camera off and then change my lens. Well when I changed my lens to the 300mm and turned my camera back on my digital screen would ...

EOS 5d mark iii battery issues

Hi all First time poster here, i've just joined the community and having scoured the forum for an answer to my question and not found one have found myself here.  I have an issue. My camera will not power on, nothing! After doing some research I foun...

Live streaming with Canon 70D

Hey, I'm trying to live stream some video using either my Canon Rebel T5 or my Canon 70D.  My problem is the video is showing up on my monitor and my live stream with a weird aspect ratio. It's not filling the monitor (which is set to 16:9 widescreen...


Can't get live streaming with EOS R to work

I've watched numerous videos to try to learn how to use my EOS R for live streaming. All the videos I've found show how to do this with a Mac. I can't find any specifically for Windows 10, which I run. The basic instructions tell you to install the l...

greggp by Enthusiast
  • 6 replies

Resolved! I need some archive firmware for a Eos 10D

I am doing a project with a Canon 10D and it has the original v1.0 firmware. Yes, it's 17 years old, and thats one reason why I'm using it in this project, along with some other old cameras.  I can't find the firmware for this anywhere, unlike my 1Ds...

Just bought a Canon T7

Hi all, I just purchased a starter camera. (Canon T7)  It has two lenses that came with.  The 18mm-55mm which has IS, and a 70mm-300 that does not.  I like to take senic landscape photos, nature, and just about anything that catches my eye.  What wou...

snapshots by Contributor
  • 33 replies

Unable to upload image to image.canon

I've setup image.canon on my 80D and gotten as far as connecting to WiFi and choosing the images I want to upload. But no matter which image I choose, i'm not able to upload the image, neither in RAW nor JPG. The error I get is "This image cannot be ...

Tighton by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Canon 70D - Clean HDMI Out

Hey guys, I'm trying to stream some video with a Canon 70D and I'm wondering if this camera has a Clean HDMI Out option in the menu? I haven't been able to find that option, but I wanted to ask the experts here.   

Resolved! Old Eyes

I recently got back into photography with a Rebel T7 (not T7i). All is marvelous until I put one of my old M42 mount manual lenses on it. I just can't focus well on the cut frame viewscreen without a microprism/split image focusing screen. I can find...

Quiet by Enthusiast
  • 12 replies
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