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EOS R6 & EOS R10 Focus bracketing with Flash


I would love to try Focus Bracketing with flash on my R6 and R10. cameras

The auto Flash Bracketing feature utilises Electronic Shutter which then prevents use of flash.

I have seen a fair bit of discussion and it seems that mechanical shutter with an appropriate delay to allow the flash to recharge might work. Could Canon introduce this in a firmware update?

I have also found the attached Canon document which suggests that many modern R series cameras WILL work with various lens and the flagship Canon EL-1 speedlite flash (which has a high recycle rate). Does anyone have experience of using Focus Bracketing with the EL-1? Or does anyone have one that they could try it out for us?



This forum is not the proper way to submit a product suggestion to Canon.

I’m curious.  If you set up a focus bracketing sequence, how many shots need to be captured in the sequence?  

Is your flash capable of maintaining sufficient charge through however many shots it takes to capture an entire sequence?

"The right mouse button is your friend."

A focus stack can be anything from a few images (enough to just get the eye of an insect sharp) to a hundred or more to get the entire insect in focus from antennae at the front to tail at the back.
My Godox v350c flash has a Li battery and has good recycle times. It keeps up quite well in Continuous shooting mode and can manage a burst of 10 or more in High Speed Continuous shooting mode. But flash is deactivated by the camera whenever I engage Auto Focus Bracketing (because it needlessly uses Electronic Shutter mode). If Canon were to allow Mechanical Shutter with Auto focus Bracketing, it could work quite well! (if the flash is capable of quick recharge times). The Canon EL-1 is capable of fast recharging and is listed as compatible with Auto Focus Bracketing in Canon's document (see link in my original post). I am keen to find out if this actually works in practice?