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canon Eos m50 adapter question

So I'm planning on getting an adapter for my m50. There is a canon branded EF-EOS adapter but it costs like $200. There is also one by Velo that is significantly cheaper, only $60. Is there any real reasons to go with the canon brand instead of savin...

Resolved! EOS R with aftermarket LP-E6N batteries

I am getting an odd behavior from my EOS 5 (firm 1.4 - trying to update it now) with BM LP-E6N batteries from amazon.  These batteries work fine i my 7D.When i put them in the EOS R, if I do so with the power off (like i normally would) then when i t...

Thoughts on Canon EOS Rebel T3i?

I know this question is asked a lot here and, trying to get into photography myself, I'll get right to it. Basically, wanting to shoot anything I can, starting with landscapes and possibly basic portraits and things. I'm really looking into practicin...

Resolved! EOS R6 IBIS with EF Lens

Is the IBIS in R6 automatically activated with EF lens? Because I don't see the same options as on page 237 of the manual with respect to IS (Image Stabilizer) mode. The only choice with this option selected is Digital IS. I don't see the choice as s...

Canon R6 Manual IBIS setting.jpg
rk5212 by Contributor
  • 9 replies

Resolved! Some AF area selections are not available

I recently started paying attention to the AF area selection. I noticed on my EOS 5d Mark iv some of the selections are dimmed, and not selectable. See the image below and watch the icon 1, 5, and 7. They are dimmed. The toggle button simply skips th...

Canon 5d iv AF area selection.jpg

Control RIng Adapter EF-EOS R

Hi everyone,About a month ago (Dec 3) I paid for a EOS R body and a Control Ring Adapter. I was charged for both, Received the body but no sign or communication from Canon about the adapter. There's no phone number to call and the chat is never avaia...

5D Mark IV good in very low temps?

I have the 5d Mark III which has been fine shooting in the teens, but looking at the write up for 5d Mark IV I see Operating Temperature 32-104 degrees!  I don't remember seeing anything like that for the Mark III.   Does the Mark IV not do well at l...

crockny by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Canon EOS T7i

Recently my camera’s on/off switch has had difficulty working. It’s not stuck, but the camera does not always respond when I switch it on / switch it to camera mode. I will switch it on and it stays off. After a few tries / switching it all the way t...

Resolved! Best Memory Card for Canon T1i?

I just bought a used Canon T1i which, unlike my old Xti, uses SD memory cards. I bought a 128gb SDXC card but when I installed it I got the error message "Card cannot be accessed. Reinsert/change card or format card." I then tried to format it but it...

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