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700D size but better specs

Hey there. I used to have a 70D that is in need of fixing (broken shutter, 75k count). I however started using my spare 700D as my main camera and it has been quite alright for the past 2 years. It's a smaller body, lower weight, makes me happier to ...

jinha by Apprentice
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Resolved! R5 sharpness setting in picture styles

Honest, I've looked in both the printed manual and the pdf version, and I can't find the answer.In the picture styles settings for the user defined styles, there is a setting for "sharpness" but it doesn't allow any changes.  Am I missing something, ...

eos 30D side rubber cover

Hello everyoneI need you help finding the replacement of the rubber side cover for my eos 30 D. it is located on tha left side of the camera protecting the ports.I guess that cover got toasted by the sun  and broke into pieces.my e mail is [removed p...

Resolved! CarePAK vs. CPS

Hello!  Former Nikon user new to Canon.  I am also a CPS Gold member.  Should I also buy a CarePAK for my equipment or does CPS cover these repairs, etc?  I can't seem to find an easy way to compare features and differences.Thanks for your help!

EOS R7 Grainy Image

After switching from Fuji to Canon R7, it's very frustrating to see the image quality of this camera. I have used support rather not taking photos with handheld. The ISO was 400, even the image is so much grainy. Should I start planning to leave this...

EOS M5 dials and buttons won't respond

Hi, i have an EOS M5 that i use mostly for portraits, and while shooting today, most of the functions became unresponsive. I always shoot in M mode, and it is impossible to change ISO, Diafragm, Shutter Speed, access the Main Menu, Quick Menu, Video ...

R6 is so slow in Lightroom Classic

Any advice on how to speed up your workflow in LR classic? My 5D mrk IV files are a breeze to work with. Anything using the R6 is so slow. The colors kinda suck and the image is for sure not as deep as the cameras with a mirrored sensor. Why is LIGHT...

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