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Resolved! 6D Mark II Battery Drain

Just purchased 6D Mark II. Overnight the battery Drains.  I have a 6D and have usede the same batteries in it and do not have that issue.  I purchased new batteries anyhow to see if it was a battery issue in a new camera.  Still getting Battery drain...

EdV by Contributor
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Customer service?

I've had one prior experience with Canon customer service, and it was terrible.  I thought they'd never be able to match it, but now I can't contact them by phone at all, and their email form won't let me click the "submit" button to send communicati...

fdfd by Contributor
  • 16 replies

Thoughts on Canon EOS Rebel T3

I know this question is asked a lot here and, trying to get into photography myself, I'll get right to it. Basically, wanting to shoot anything I can, starting with landscapes and possibly basic portraits and things. I'm really looking into practicin...

Re: Canon Rebel t7 is "busy"

I purchased a refurbished Canon Rebel T7 back in May. It worked great until two weeks ago. Now, when I turn the camera on and try to take a picture, there is a "busy" message in the view piece. The camera will not focus - I have tried removing the ba...

R5 AF Limited to Center of View

My auto focus area is limited ot the center area of the view (both screen and EVF).  In other words, I cannot focus outside of the box, at all.  The box is delineated with corner markers, and this is true regardless what AF mode I use.  It is like th...


Resolved! 5D MK IV AutoFocus Mode Selection Button

I had just recently had my 5D serviced/cleaned and firmware through Canon. Prior to sending it in, I had the AutoFocus mode selector button (the button on the back with the 5 dots in a plus shape in a box) programmed in a way that you can press it di...

Wanting to buy a new body

I spend a lot of time at the local drag strip, road course and mx track. Lot of the drag strip stuff is at night. Unless I am using one of f/1.4 lenses I am shooting at ISO25600. Can not drop the shutter speed to much or blur becomes a serious issue....

Resolved! 6D mark ll to R6

Would there be any benifit to get an R6 ?  My biggest complaint with the 6D ll is ISO noise. I start to see it even at ISO100 .I do mostly landscaping . Some fall/winter sports. Most of my lenses are L series. along with 2 Tamrons.Thakns!

WJM by Contributor
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EOS M100 and sharp focus with a telescope

Hello.  Long time astronomy fan, but new to cameras and astrophotography. Learned how to change settings, (shutter release w/out lens, ISO, exposure time), but am struggling to get a sharp focus.  Stars and planets are blurry. Canon EOS M100 attached...

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