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R5 - Need clarification on focus settings


I need clarification on focus settings....on the main info screen you can choose between one-shot and servo.  Understood.  However, when I am setting up back button focusing it gets hazy.  For instance on the custom buttons such as AF-ON button, when changing focusing modes if you select a button in the INFO Detail set. it gives three menu items: AF operation, AF method and Servo AF characteristics.  AF operation gives you a choice of -, ONE SHOT and SERVO. 

How does SERVO located here differ from the SERVO setting on the main screen?  If you set SERVO on the main screen, it it necessary to set it on back button menus as well?  The different SERVO settings seem confusing.  Maybe you could explain those further.  Thanks for your help!IMG_0183.jpegIMG_0187.jpegIMG_0188.jpegIMG_0186.jpeg


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings CanonB4me,

Having the AF-ON button assigned to function as the auto focusing button (AF symbol on the top left of the available choices within the customization window on the camera screen) and then setting the AF Operation function to either SERVO or ONE SHOT provides the camera to use that specific AF Operation even if the camera, in general, would be set to the other AF Operation.

For example, in the Quick Menu (your first screenshot), if the camera is set to ONE SHOT then you can auto focus with ONE SHOT when holding the shutter button halfway down. If the AF-ON is set to SERVO for the AF Operation, then the camera will use AF SERVO when holding down the AF-ON button even if the camera is set to ONE SHOT on the main Quick Menu screen.

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