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Resolved! Connecting sound board (mixer) to Eos R10

I’ve just received the EOS R10 and would like to know if others have had any experience connecting a sound board. I’m presuming the mixer would connect via the 3.5 mm input on the camera, meaning I’m reducing the 1/4” or XLR from the mixer to fit the...

Teeder by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

Single Reflex & Non Reflex Camera thoughts

Hi!!        How's your day! Photographers.  I heard that Canon will stop making Single-Reflex cameras but Non-Reflex cameras.  What do you think? Do you feel like non-reflex cameras will replace single reflex cameras? How long?       For me, I just g...

7D internal flash turns off camera

I have been working with my Canon 7D, which is ten years old for me this year, trying to troubleshoot the problem I am encountering.When using my camera, if there is any reason for the internal flash to be needed, the flash pops up and then the camer...

6D mark II VF Grid options

Hi,I recently bought a 6D mark 2 body and trying to set a 3x3 grid in the view finder like in Nicon cameras. I've dug through the manual and only found the live view option for displaying 3 by 3 grid but not for the VF. Is there an option to set such...

5D MKii Error CF

So what originally happened was I borrowed a card reader to load images that I later found out was corrupt. I didn't find out until I used the memory card back into my camera - busy, error CF, please format card. Go to format, says cannot format, cha...

Kayla1 by Contributor
  • 21 replies

EOS R8 Thoughts

I am delighted to see the release of the EOS R8. At $1500 this joins the $999 RP as another entry-level full frame in Canon's lineup. Despite the predictable whines by some for its lack of IBIS and joystick, and the comical rants of why it can't be m...

John_SD by Whiz
  • 5 replies

Resolved! SL3 Time Lapse?

Hi: I am a new owner of the SL-3 camera. I especially enjoy shooting time lapse stuff. Is there a way that I can shoot a time lapse on the SL3 that will preserve the individual frames instead of merging them into an .mp4 movie file? This is often use...

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