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CANON EOS 40d Blurry Images


Hello!  My son received a 2007 Canon EOS 40d for Christmas. We got it a CF card and when we turned it on today, it doesn't focus in anything, using live mode and the view finder. We turned on AF, too. From what we can tell by shadows everything is introverted.  We've done a lot of trouble shooting but we are still on the road to nowhere. Included is a picture for reference. I'm hoping someone can help! 




Hi and welcome to the forum:
Sorry to learn  you are having issues.  My first suggestion, if you have not done so, is to reset the camera back to factory default - this may solve your issue.
If you have not done so, I recommend downloading the manual, and the reference you want to reset is on P44 - for  your assistance, I include a link to a PDF of the manual: EOS40D_HG_EN.pdf (
If you have not done so, I recommend reviewing the manual - you will find it a treasure trove of useful information.

cheers, TREVOR

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The photo you posted shows an aperture of “00” which means there is no communication with the lens. Which lens do you have on the camera? 

Mike Sowsun

Well that's the noob in me. Its just the body of the camera we are using. The lense is coming today 🙌  lmao. Thank you! 😅

Since this is an older camera it DOES NOT support on image sensor AF. The camera does support quick AF by dropping the mirror and using the dedicated viewfinder AF system. But the live view image will go blank.


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