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Quick release plate and IS

I keep my tripod's quick release plate mounted on the bottom of my camera all the time.I read someone the other day who said that the camera "detects" the quick release plate and "determines" that you are using a tripod, and that that affects your ca...

stevet1 by Rising Star
  • 2 replies

EOS 80D Making Pics Pop

Um hello there, im new and i dont really have an idea where i can post this. If this is the wrong place i deeply apologize for the inconvinience.  I do amateur Equine Photography and lately ive been obsessed with trying to make my pictures better. I ...

received_181787937056598.jpeg PSX_20210209_112905.jpg
Lukar1o by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

R5 vertical line on photos

I received my pre-ordered R5 recently and took it out for a test spin yesterday morning.  After about an hour of shooting, I noticed that when I looked through the EVF that I was seeing a broken vertical line appearing.  I continued shooting, assumin...


Canon T4i Has a Favorite SD Card

Hi Guys, I have a Canon T4i and recently it started exhibiting some weird behavior; It seems to only like 1 of my SD cards that I have tried in it. Its really stumping me because this card works 100% of the time as it should, but every other card I h...

Resolved! M50 shutter won't release

I attached my M50 to a 114mm Newtonian reflector telescope with a 900mm focal length. Set mode and focus to manual. Aperture registers F00 and shutter won't release. Is there a way ti tell this camera that I don't care about it's opinions and to just...

Shutter Count Canon 6D Mark II

This is my daughters camera. Trying to sell it for her and peeps want to know the shutter count.For the life of me, I have downloaded more porgrams that I care to count and spent more hours than I care to remember and still cannot find any way that w...

WeBBy by Apprentice
  • 12 replies

59.94 greyed out

Hello all! This is my first post here. Glad to be a member of the community. I wanted to shoot at 59.94fps with by canon 80D but this option  is greyed out and I don't know why. Is it because of some other settings? thanks  

mjgod by Contributor
  • 15 replies

SD card question for Canon Rebel T5

Hi, I am new to photography and have quite recently purchased a Canon Rebel T5. Is there a most extreme SD card size for my camera or will a 200GB SD card work with my camera? I planned to take a lot of huge photographs and recordings and might want ...

Resolved! Preview screen (remote trigger)

I’m using a remote trigger via the shutter release port. After image capture, the LCD screen only shows the horizon level indicator, but no preview of the taken image. The only way I can see the image I’ve taken is to unplug the cable to the remote t...

Question about Canon Elan 7 35mm camera.

Hey guys,Just bought this camera and cannot for the life of me figure out why it's not taking shots, sometimes. It does take photos sometimes and advances the film, but most of the time, when I press the shutter button, you can hear the sound of the ...

80D closing mirror

I'm using my 80D as a webcam for ZOOM. Works fine with the webcam utility. However, if I add a second camera, like a GoPro or use my Mac camera, when I switch from those to the Canon, the screen goes black for 1/2 second, the camera raises the mirror...

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