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EOS Rebel T7 Upgrade to what?

Hello, I started in photography about 2 years ago with a canon rebel t7 as my starting camera. I do dog photography for action shots and I am looking to upgrade but I have no idea what I should look into for my next camera that is made for action sho...

Canon EOS R6mii water damage

My camera was damaged by a wave hit, while I was shooting surf. Some chips in the motherboard are damaged, I'd like to know how much will it cost if I sent that to a Canon Service Center and will it be repairable?

ShabinIR by Apprentice
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Loving my new EOS R7!

I know my camera is probably the T-Rex compared to the newer ones. But I must say, my Canon EOS R7 DSLR has been nothing but good to me. The picture quality and the capabilities it has is amazing! This is my first actual camera and I'm in LOVE! I've ...

T5i upgrade help!

Hi! I am looking into upgrading from the Canon T5i that I have been using for 9 years but am overwhelmed with options. Taking photos at my kiddos sporting event is my main thing - plus sharing with the other teammates/parents. I am shooting outdoors ...

Resolved! EOS 80D Slow, inaccurate focus

I know it is not about the camera, but it is about the person behind the camera.  My 80D is becoming very slow, the focusing is not as fast and no where near accurate anymore; even manual is having trouble.  Is it time to upgrade?  It seems as well t...

Canon M50 Mark ii Back screen issue

Our Canon M50 Mark ii turns on and initializes, then the back screen flickers and turns to wavy multi colored lines and the camera features are not usable once that happens. The wavy colored lines remind me of a "old school" tv on an  antennae which ...

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