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Rebel T7i - Can't take photo while using wide-angle lens


Hi there. I have a Canon Rebel t7i. I mostly use it in auto mode.

Recently, I had a wide-angle lens on the camera. The camera was in auto mode, and the lens was set to AF. At some points during my photography session, the camera would not take a picture after holding down the shutter button. As far as I know, everything seemed to be in focus and there was nothing wrong with the lighting. I was outside taking photos of a house.

Does anyone know what causes the camera to prevent a picture from being taken? What can I do in the future to prevent this? What actions should I take if the camera doesn't let me take a photo in auto mode? Are there certain settings I should adjust?

Also, does the wide-angle lens require me to choose different settings on the camera if I'm using auto mode?





There is nothing inherently different about taking a picture with a wide angle lens vs, any other kind of lens, so I don't think that's the issue. But there may be one or two other things going on.

1) it sounded like your wide angle lens was a fairly new acquisition. Does your camera work with other lenses? It's possible that your new wide angle is not making full contact with all the contact points between the lens and the camera? Is the wide angle lens compatible with the T7i? Is it an EF or EF-S mount lens?

2) Does your camera take pictures in any other mode besides Auto? Try putting it in P, or Program Mode. This is very similar to Auto in that the camera will select the the shutter speed and aperture for you. In P Mode, you have the option of raising or lowering your ISO, or you can leave it Auto ISO.

3) in One Shot Mode, your camera has to achieve focus before it will take a picture. Are you getting confirmation that the camera has achieved focus? In Servo Mode, it will take a picture whether it has achieved focus or not.

4) other things you can check are whether your battery is fully charged, whether your memory card is properly installed and if the lock switch on the side of the card has not been accidentally pushed into the lock position. Turn the camera off. Take card out and the battery out and let the camera rest for a few minutes. Put them back in and re-test.

Th3se are some of the things you could try.

Steve Thomas

Thank you for the response!

It is an EF-S lens. My other lens works well with the camera.

I can't recall if the focus indicator popped up on screen when I couldn't take the picture. That could very well be it. I will try P mode. 

Appreciate the suggestions!


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