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6620 "No Paper" prompt when paper is present

Hello Canon, I am printing 160+ 5x7 borderless invitations on 60lb paper. After inserting a full stack of paper, and confirming the size w/ paper quality, the printer continuously fails to pickup the 5x7 sheets.  After removing and re-inserting the p...

6620 Printer says no paper when I have paper

 MG6620 a few months old, about every 2nd or 3rd time I try to print or if printer not used for a day or so, I get a Printer has no paper in tray error when in fact I have paper it the tray. Paper is registered and positioned correctly in tray as per...

DVD Page Size Specifications

Hi. I am a new ip7220 user and need to print DVDs. I have the proper media and have already printed a DVD using the EZ Photo print program, so all is OK. But I need to be able to print from my own ap, not the Canon one, specifically CorelDraw. My old...

error code 1660

I lost the cyan ink cartridge for my mg5520. Is there a way for me to bypass the error code 1660 so i can print without that cartridge inside the printer_

angeloic by Apprentice
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Print Preview for MX492

The Print Preview for my MX492 continues to show that it is printing a 4x6 photo when I have it set to print an 8x10. I successfully printed a 4x6 then successfully printed an 8x10. Now the Print Preview will not reflect that I have changed the photo...

Screenshot of Page Setup.png Screenshot of Print Preview.png
planet88 by Apprentice
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Canon MG2920 won't feed paper

My fairly new Canon MG2920 fails to feed the paper all the way and errors with a jammed paper code. It worked fine the first time I set it up.  I cannot find any jammed paper.  Any suggestions? Thanks.

dianedef by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Pixma MX870 - Colour Scans are faded

Whenever I scan a colour document the colours come out very faded and nothing like the original document. Light colours don't come out at all.There doesn't seem to be a problem with scanning photos.Is there a way of fixing this???

dingers by Apprentice
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