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Looking for suggestions for a printer that will do 8*10 quality photos and that I can scan old photos
I'm taking a Class with NYIP and need to submit a macro photo. Not sure I really want to get into macro so I was hoping for suggestions on cheaper a lens or tubes. Any suggestions?
Hi can't seem to get a sharp a image with my 70- 200 as I can with my 100-400mm. Should I be getting just as sharp photos with both lenses. I still have a warranty with best buy.
I'm getting ready to buy a laptop to take with me on my photo trips. Right now I just have a desktop with Corel6X pro. I mainly do landscape and wildlife photography. I'm also thinking about going to Adobe photoshop. Any suggestions on laptops and wh...
Was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a Palican Hark case for a canon 5D Mark iii. I want to also keep a 70-200mm L series f/4 and a 17-40 mm L series lens with it.  Thanks
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