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Resolved! Printing Results Highly Distorted

Ever since I dealt with a particularly nasty jam, everything I print seems to be highly distorted, either on parts of the page (ex., text offset and jumbled down the middle) or the entire page. For example, this is the printable version of the Wikipe...

Weird Printing Distortion

scanner driver

Each time I try to scan directly from my Canon PIXMA490 or from my Mac book, I get the following message:  'Software for “%@” failed to run.' I have the most current drivers installed and have tried using the IJ Scan Utility program and still I get t...


How do i scan and save images from my MG6450 as JPEG or PNG rather than PDF? Advice would be much appreciated.

John6 by Apprentice
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Calendar creation using Image Garden

I have created a calendar quite easily BUT when printed it doesn't come full size - just a tiny thumbnail in one corner. Interestingly on the preview before printing it shows just a magnified month.Did the same creation last year and no probs - what ...

Resolved! Mac Drivers for MX922?

I am installing a Pixma MX 922 on a MacBook Pro OS 10.11.6. At Canon's website are listed three drivers....

Canon Pixma MG5320 Not working with Sierra

I purchased a new IMAC recently and the Canon Pixma MG5320 will not scan directly to the computer.  In the past I never had any issues, until I started using Sierra.  I can scan from the printer directly to a USB stick but this is not ideal.  The pri...

jj5155 by Apprentice
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Canon MG7120 not printing Yellow

My printer was not printing black at all, so I found some advice in the forum to do maintenance and clean the nozzles.  Then did a deep cleaning.   Now it prints black just fine, but doesn't now print yellow after doing the cleaning.  (It printed yel...

MP640 stop printing colors

I have preformed all the maintenace task on the MP640. Replaced all the ink cartriages. Made sure all the protected tapes were off and wicked the color out of the cartriage to make sure I had a flow going.   It will print in greyscale but not with co...

JohninFL by Apprentice
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TS8020 not using any Gray ink?

My TS8020 (about a month old, still on original ink carts) is never using any Gray ink. Is this normal? I've tried changing quality settings, tried printing in grayscale, but it never uses any gray ink. (Screen cap below.) 

TS8020 ink.JPG
kogaku by Contributor
  • 9 replies

MB2020 stops scanning to pc

My printer is awesome and it would always scan to my pc.  For some reason, all of a sudden it no longer recognizes my pc.  I use it a lot to scan to emails.  When I reinstall the printer, it will scan as usual and then in a few hours or a day, it “fo...

Printer thinks new ink cartridge is empty

 I see others have reported similar issues but none of the responses they received have helped resolved my issue. We purchased a new Canon Pixma MG3022 and it came with new ink cartridges. I opened both cartridges and put them into the printer as ins...

Canon MG6450

hello,      Does anyone knows where this flat flex connector should connect into inside my printer (Canon MG6450) kindly help as soon as possible. thanks

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