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Canon 2550 Scanning problem

The scanner has been working fine, then suddenly it has started to scan a single document as 2 images, each showing only a part of the single document. Tried changing various settings, but still the same. Printer is working fine. Can you help?

KTITH by Apprentice
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MG5460 blurry vertical printing with PGBK ink only?

Hi All,Have a not so old (replaced an old MP830 which rocked!) MG5460 printer which has an issue printing vertical stuff aligned correctly, but only in the PGBK ink. So on the printers test page, at top is the PGBK test with a grid of lines, horizont...

arzasa by Apprentice
  • 7 replies


I am trying to setup the fax on my Canon MX922 but it will not recieve a fax. The other person faxing said it just keeps ringing.  What am i doing wrong? 

Resolved! Duplex printing not supporting Grayscale mode

Hi, I have an MG36XX series duplex printer on a Mac system. Everytime I choose duplex printing it will print black characters in mixed color with color cartridge. I know canceling dulpex mode will work fine. However, this feature is unreasonable and ...

turn on bi-directional support

getting an error; Cannot communicate with the printer.Turn Enable bi-directional support on in the printer's Properties dialog box.  how do I turn it on in windows for an MX922?

Desperate for help with MG7700

This all started when I scanned documents into my Mac Air, then went looking for them. All the links I found on the support pages for my model led to 404 pages - like so. Those support pages I found with a Google search; if you start at Canon's front...

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.45.01 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.45.20 PM.jpg

MG6220 Will not Print or Copy

Was printing a document and the pages were clear and crisp.  I set up a new print-range and the printer went through the motions for duplex printing as if it were printing but pages were coming out blank, not a single dot of ink.  Tried to print from...

henni8a5 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Color cartridge printing problem.

I have a Pixmar MG3120 printer.  Hadn't used the color cartridge in many months.  Refilled the color chambers.All colors (C, M, Y) are coming out of the print head.  Cleaned all contacts with alcohol. Nozzle Check run will printM and Y but not C.  Tr...

CANON MG7120 will not print text

This printer will not print text.Nozzle print test prints all colors fine. Will not print plain text from a plain text document or from an email program etc.Have tried XPS driver and regular driver. - Will not workPlease advise. THANKS

Resolved! MG3620 roll printing

Hi All I'm here in Asia, so advanced apologies for posting here (no-one can answer me here with a simple YES or NO I need to know if this printer MG3620 can print address labels that comes on rolls? There is, as far as I can see NO set up for this, b...

Printing 2 pages per page

When I choose "2 per page" for printing a pdf file (Canon MX922) it moves the file to half the page but prints only one copy on half the page.  How do I get it to print 2 pages on one sheet?

mlindah by Contributor
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