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Resolved! Canon pixma ip8720

Just bought recently. Went to set it up and accidentally held down the cancel/resume button and since then it keeps blinking back and forth with my power button. I have unplugged it, waited a few minutes, replugged it in and it still does it. My ink ...

Background not printing

I have acquired a MG3100 printer, and am trying to print some flyers which have text on top of an image. I have tried several file formats - .odt, .docx, .doc, .jpg and .pdf, but using this printer the background is never printed, although I can prin...

Resolved! Computer won't recognize MX320

I've had my printer a while, printed just fine with this setup (Lenovo laptop running Windows 8.1, all updates installed), and not encountered this issue before. Suddenly (after no setup changes), with the USB cable plugged in and the printer switche...

Resolved! Quick Menu Software for Canon PIXMA MX452

Whenever I click on the Quick Menu program for the subject product, I get the following error message: Canon Quick Menu has stopped working.  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a ...

Resolved! printer wants to fax

I just "added" my MX450 printer to my new HP laptop.  It has been installed seemingly correctly.  When I try to print, a dialogue pops up asking where I want to send the fax.  Huh?  BTW, it works fine on my Mac!

khutch2 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Pixma MX870

My printer keeps on dragging in paper when I print.  I fan the paper and make sure I am using ink-jet type paper.  It is so annoying and I know I am not the only user that is facing this too.Please help. 

MG7120 won't power off

The printer won't power off using the power button. It displays "processing - please wait momentarily". Occasionally the mechanics sound like it's going to shut itself off but it never does. Network printing is enabled,Unplugging the power cord gets ...

Pixma MG 6300

Can someone inform me as to how I can reset to default the setting on my MG 6300 printer.I am getting a Code 300 and I have checked everything and all wiring is plugged in and power is ok too.. ThanksClauz 

Clauz by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

MX720 printer

Will not longer print from the bottom cassette which is loaded with paper.  Message reads "there is no  paper inthe upper cassette; load paper; align; press OK.   I do not want to print from the upper cassette. Support code 1007

AMCH by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! default to dye base ink instead of pigment

I have a Pixma iX6520.  When I print business cards or hand outs is there any way to print the text by using the dye base black ink (226 cartridge) and not the pigment base black ink (225 cartridge)?  This would lower the chance of bleeding if the ca...

learned by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

TS8050 force to use pigment black on watercolor paper

I want to buy TS8050 to print digital black and white drawings on watercolor paper, and i want to print only with pigment ink black not the dye black before buying this printer i need to understan if, on mac, i can force printer to print at high qual...

al404 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon MX395 Scanning issue.

Hello, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. My problem. I am trying to scan a document. a payslip. the flatbed scanner will not scan the full platen/glass panel when instructed to. What it does do is scan half of it and cut out the other half. Imagin...

Pixma MX434 error code 2,156,50

After working perfectly for 3 years, suddenly my scanner doesn't want to work - either from the PC or from the unit interface. The printer is working fine. Nothing has changed - no new software, no new cable, nothing. I've tried deleting and reinstal...

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