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PIXMA MG2520 Error 1687

Printer keeps flashing four times in the alert zone, therefore indicating error 1687, incorrect installation of a FINE cartridge. However, everything checks out fine. A problem I noticed is that the cartridge carrier is not moving itself at all, and ...

Nyanch by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Printer slow and hesitant

My ip7220 is very slow and hesitant, it will print one pass and 30 sec. later it will print another, I am trying to print an 8 1/4" square image on plain paper, it then ejects the paper with only 2" of the image printed. It has been recommended that ...

MX925 Not feeding paper

I have an MX925 which has had light use since new in june 2016.It has begun erratically to not feed paper from the primary (lower) tray and giving error 1008 'out of paper' despite there being plenty of standard A4 paper.I have run the cleaning proce...

Canon Selphy CP1200 print from computer

I am trying to print from my PC to my Canon Selphy CP1200.  Sadly though, whenever I try, the Selphy shows the question mark error mentioned in other forum messages where it says "Cannot print incompatible images or memory card not readable". I have ...

Pixma MP495 Printer not detected

Hello there. So I have a Canon Pixma 495 printer that worked great wirelessly for 5 months but all of a sudden my Macbook Pro stopped detecting it. I tried reinstalling the Canon drivers but the installation will not complete on account of the printe...

javisst by Apprentice
  • 20 replies

PIXMA G4210 prints photos with yellowish tinge

I have a new G4210, and when I print photos, they come out much warmer than they should.  I am using using a custom color profile through Photoshop and everything looks good until I click print preview as the print preview image is different than the...

skbryan by Contributor
  • 2 replies

blurry black printing

hi,ive had my canon pixma mg6450 for a couple of years now and everything has been fine until recently. when i printed a letter ,the print came out like it was ghosting,trying to read it was like looking at text when you drunk.if you change the colou...

soozypoo by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

MX922 vertical banding

Hello, I'm trying to resolve a vertical banding issue. I've tried cleanings and deep clenings all mnultiple times as well as the basic stuff but the issue remains.  By basic stuff I mean the paper size is correct, ink is full, etc. I've done auto and...

dahllr by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

TS9020 Printing labels

Please help! I need to print some labels. Can I use Avery? If so, what size labels work? If not, what other software works? I can't find a "label" setting,  nor a  cardstock setting. I am uploading my own design.

mbnelsen by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Canon Pixma MG2550S page issue

Hi.Today I had the unfortunate accident that my Pixma 650 got and error 5010 message and I have not been able to solve that issue and I needed to print something urgently.Now I bought a Canon Pixma MG2550S and have set it up as instructed.However I h...

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