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Slow duplex printing

I bought the MX922 August of last year to replace a IP 4200 that went belly up after over 10 years of outstanding service.I am pleased with the MX922 print output, both text and color.The startup time while long, doesn't bother me much.My Pro100 also...

TGWH by Contributor
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MX710 will print and copy but not scan

Hi There,  I have a MX 710 printer that suddely stopped scanning.  It prints ok.  I know the image capture facility works ok as it copies fine.  But for some reason the scan function no longer works.   I suspect something has gone funky with the driv...

sabedard by Apprentice
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Resolved! Test Page for cleaning nozzles

I just bought a TS9120 and disabled the Ecco mode as I expect the printer will only use about $3 a year of electricity if always left on and will purge much more than $3 of ink per year if I turn it on and off.I print very little, maybe a page per we...

JeffWind by Apprentice
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MX922 1403 ERROR

I bought this printer a year and 10 months ago. I do not use it much. I powered it on today to print out some things and I got a  Support Code 1403 The type of print head is incorrect. Install the correct print head. This is nonsense. I've tried remo...

Wont Print Black Text

I have a Pixma 5020. I went to print a spreadsheet from my computer and it printed the graph outline but not the figures. I ran a nozzle check and it came out okay. Did a clean anyway. Still problem exists. It will print the color portion also but no...

joe645 by Apprentice
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Pixma MG3220

I have had my pixma printer for a couple years. I previously used it with my pc and later with my Dell laptop. I never set up the wifi, just plugged it in to my device. I have a Fire tablet now, no plug in option. I have downloaded the Canon print se...

maryhb by Apprentice
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Canon MG 3029 "Paper Jam" none visible

My family's had this printer for about a year without issue, but, around last week, the printer started refusing to do so. When we try to print from word or other text documents, we receive the error "paper jam" andthe warning light is flashing on th...

error scanning or printing- code 5,157,69

error scanning or printing- code 5,157,69 .It just started after years of use w/o problems..  Reconnected and reset both pc and printer.  Wireless setup.  Updated windows.  Dell inspiron w windows 11.  Any thoughts appreciated. 

Resolved! MG3620 Won't Print Label Paper

Hi there, I'm trying to print using full page label paper on my MG3620 and I keep getting the below error message. I know Canon doesn't make label paper so that is why there is no "label paper" setting. But I have tried playing around with the paper ...

Silent install

Any suggestions on how to perform a silent install of the MG3500 app and drivers for a USB connected scanner? Have tried several switches in CMD but none work. I know there are options that need to be passed through UI (selecting USB or Network), so ...

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