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replacing parts on canon pixma mx922

an old post stated very similar issues.   after incorrectly dealing with a paper jam, i got a similar error message, "there is no paper in the cassette".  i too opened the lower cassette to find a small square piece of white plastic on the paper that...


I'm using an iMac with a G4210 printer. I cannot figure out how to duplex or print double sided. In the printer dialog box there isn't an "Duplex"  box available to check, only a "Black and White" box. And lower under "Layout" there is a "Two-sided" ...

JRII by Apprentice
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TR4520 Will Not Print

After months of sucessful usage, printer will now not advance beyond the page that allows selection of printer to be used. I've not changed or added any programs. My browser is Chrome 91 and I 'm using Windows Version 1909

ckm by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Pixma MG2220 re installation issue

I've had the MG2220 printer for several years now.  It's been awhile since I've access My Image Garden.  I opened it to receive a message that something was missing and I needed to reinstall.  Which I did.  Many times.  What is happening is once it g...

MX926 too slow to start printing

Hi. My MX926 goes through a lengthy preparation before every print job. This involves much clicking and whirring and print head movement and takes a long time. There is also a lengthy pause before even starting the preparation. This means that it tak...

Hugh99 by Apprentice
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Paper Jam - last ditch solution

We had a paper jam in our Pixma MG5650 printer.  We removed the crumpled paper, but there was clearly a blockage at a specific point.  Subsequent sheets just crumpled at the same place.After trying various things, as a last resort we took a laminated...

Jagged Edges in Black on PIXMA IX6850

hello! i have the pixma ix68650 and i am trying to print out some fine art prints on high quaility cotton matte paper. The Colours are perfectly sharp and vibrant but the black lines have a jagged edge to them. the adobe illustrator file is all in ve...

Scanning Problems?

I use canon e500 printer. when i try to scan using auto scan in my desktop. it says: cannot scan for these reasons 1.) scanner is turned off 2.) USB cable is disconnected Code: 5,156,61. I checked my USB cable and it is connected. I try to restart my...

PIXMA TS 5051 photocopy problem

I am trying to copy a 6x4 photo onto 6x4  (15x10)photo paper but for some reason the printer enlarges it cutting off approximately 8mm at the front but only 4mm at the back, bottom and about 3mm at the top.I have spent ages on line chatting to their ...

ChrisWe by Apprentice
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Can't find printer/usb cable not working

I have a mac and a wonderful TR8520. When I open Printers & Scanners I can't find my printer. Wireless printers are not allowed to be connected on my college wifi, so I bought a usb cable to print that way. Now, the printer is connected, because I tr...

Canon TR8520 Won't Copy from ADF

My TR8520 Stopped Copying any sizes of simple letters and documents from the tray (error mesage) since months ago, though copying from platen glass has been OK. I can't figure out what went wrong. Anyone knows why and what the solution is? Thank You!...

RChu by Apprentice
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