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TS8350 - Support Code 1259

My TS8350 printer is 3 years old. There was no paper jam, and it just suddenly decided to stop working with Support Code 1259. It keeps asking me to "Pull out the paper output tray completely and tap (OK)" which I do. I then put the tray back in and ...

Lordy by Apprentice
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Error Code 1259 on TS8350a printer will not clear

My printer is a week old. I managed to print a Photo & 2 test sheets of A4 text. When I tried to print a 15 page report it jammed after Page 1. I cleared it and now have Support Code 1259  - "Pull out the paper output tray completely and tap (OK). Wh...

MikeTarr by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

PIXMA G3411 My black ink turning green

Hi there I have a Canon Pixma G3411when I am printing in black my black ink turns bright green. The printer has been for a clean and they people who checked it said the printer is fine however after that it worked for a while and now this is happenin...

TasFitz by Apprentice
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Shadow letters with XL ink - PIXMA TS3522

I just bought a TS3522 today and I used all of the ink that came with the printer already and when I put in the XL in I bought (the right numbers) it's printing with a shadow behind it. It's only the XL ink though bc when I switched back to the almos...

MX310 horizontal line in printed photos

Hello,I have a Cannon MX 310 printer. For many years, it printed very nice photos. Recently, printed photos displayed a horizontal line near the top of the photo. The line has faint blue, yellow and magenta sublines. I used the cleaning and deep clea...

PIXMA MG2522 Cuts Off End of Page

Printer cuts off the end of the page. I wasted a lot of ink, I bought more ink and it continues to leave off the bottom of the page. The paper size is correct. Its pdf help! I am wasting a lot of ink, and I regret buying this printer. I read the revi...

Giamills by Apprentice
  • 3 replies
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