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Canon G3020 horizontal lines


I have a Canon Pixma G3020 that I bought and have been using for about a year. It worked perfectly until last week.

The problem: I noticed horizontal lines that are either white or less saturated. The distance between the lines vary based on the print quality (shorter/closer with high quality print and longer/further with economy).

Solutions I tried: 

  1. Cleaning
  2. Deep cleaning
  3. Head alignment
  4. Black Ink Flush
  5. All other cleaning options

I tried the cleaning and deep cleaning options multiple times over the span of 3 days. Then tried any option that had cleaning in it as well as the alignment. The problem was not solved. So I tried the Black Ink Flush option, since the problem was more visible in grayscale printing. Yet the problem still the same.

I do not unplug the printer. 3 to 4 days prior to this issue I printed a few grayscale pictures on standard quality with no issues at all. 

I attached some of the A4 test pages I printed that shows the issue (standard quality print). 

Any help is much appreciated. 



Gray                                                                                                         Magenta


Yellow                                                                                                            Cyan