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Resolved! Replaceable printheads

Do all Canon inkjet printers have replaceable printheads? Do any of the printers have 4 replaceable printheads, black, cyan, magenta & yellow or only the tricolor cartridge & black cartridge? Does Canon make any Megatank printers with 4 user-replacea...

Macnerd by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Error 36 on PIXMA TS3370

Hi,I recently bought a Canon Pixma TS3370 have been unsuccessful in trying to get it connected wireless either to my PC or mobile; running into E36 on my printer display.Following the user manual I tried to set up my printer by visiting ij.start.cano...

PIXMA MG5350 Features

Hi. My old Canon printer broke, so I have acquired an MG 5350, and I'm just wondering what functions it has and how to use them (I've set the printer up with Wi-Fi, but I just wanted to know what other methods I could use to print). Also, I noticed i...

Minty by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

pixma ts3500 series printer offline

I am trying to hook my ts3500 printer up to my home network wirelessly, and connect it with my laptop. I recently switched providers and trying to go from the old router to the new. I downloaded and installed all the software, going through the canon...

jmvsmv by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

PIXMA MX920 Printing blank pages

I have a Canon MX920. About 6 months ago (I don't print that often) I purchased a new computer and had the printer connect wirelessly to the computer. I didn't have any issues with it recognizing it but when I try to print to it today I just get blan...

Need help setting my printer up

I just bought a simple PIXMA 2500 series printer with USB cord because I thought it would be easier to use. I downloaded the recommended driver online and my new Alienware M15 still isn't printing when I try, Have I missed something or is there a set...

shanes by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! MX922 cannot communicate with PC

My MX922 suddenly stopped communicating with my Windows 10 PC. When I try to print even a test page, the printer dialog box pops up and says "Printer not responding." I've uninstalled the drivers and re-installed the drivers, rebooted multiple times,...

will1966 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

PIXMA MX922 not loading paper lower cassette

Paper not feeding from the lower cassette and I get error code 1008 that says there is no paper in the lower cassette. I have cleaned the roller, loaded and unloaded and re-loaded paper, aligned the tabs on the paper tray appropriately....all to no a...

PIXMA MX922 CD/DVD Printing Offset

My problem With the J tray for CD/DVD is when printing it prints offset , not center. I have used the Image garden alignment feature to try to adjust it, but still no luck. Anyone know the fix?

hridge10 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon G600 ink splotch on trailing corner

Hi, when printing on thicker stock only, I'm getting an ink splotch right on the trailing corner of the card stock every time.I've set the printer to the correct paper type and tried all the cleaning routines but it's still doing it. Any help?

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