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MG2522 might be worst Printer I have ever used in 4 decades of using them


Bought this brand new Feb 2022 at Walmart. Took it home printed 15 black ink pages and it ran out of ink. Purchased brand new replacement black ink cartridge with over 100 pages to print. I printed 10 pages before it started overprinting and I got a toner running low message. I re calibrated the heads and cleaned the encoder cable and still printing double. After about 20 pages of testing I got a COLOR and BLACK INK cartridges are out of ink.

So for the price of the printer my replacement ink cartridges printing black only lasted 30-35 pages max.

Used this printer three times in 2022 and 2023 and it ran out of ink twice?!   Customer service is horrific too.




My printer is only 1 year and 9 months old. Used at the most 3 times under 100 pages of copy. After 15-20 black only pages the ink ran out. I purchased a replacement that was adveristed for well over 100 black pages. I got 10 good pages and then it started to double print. I recalibrated the heads and it still double printed. It ran about 20 test pages and then I got the you are OUT OF INK notice. Nah nope. I'm not buying ink again for this and I am not paying for service because my warranty expired. Cannon going to the landfill....

I also cleaned the encoder cable and it still prints double. Just a subpar product that requires repair after 3 printing jobs in 1 year and 9 months. 

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