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Pixma MX920 series native printing, ChromeOS

There are ZERO Pixma drivers available for native printing on a Chromebook.  Google Cloud print is going end-of-life in December so this is not an option. Can anyone recommend an alternative driver that works?  The PPD file is too big by 10k (250k ma...

MX922 1403 Error

Hello relatively lightly used MX922. In middle of print job error that Cyan cartridge was out and had to be changed, put in new tank, printer started to do its thing like normal and then out of no where boom 1403 error, Tried the reseat, tried the cl...

Resolved! MX870 printer

I like this printer very much. Works great. But man, it sucks ink. It seems to suck ink faster than when I bought it. I mostly print in B&W but the color cartridges still go down. Is it possible that something is wrong with the printer doing this?Joe

JoeZ by Contributor
  • 2 replies

MG2920 Printing Issue

 I have a Canon Pixma MG2920 problem. When I print a normal page it won't print a small part of the bottom of the page. I have to print at 93% to get it to print a whole page.

Clangador by Apprentice
  • 12 replies
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