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MX922 B200 errors

This is the second MX922 printer I've had with B200 errors.  I follow the instructions to clear - turn off, unplug.  Seemed to hold off it dying completely, but now I'm getting these errors daily and I know it's just a matter of time until the error ...

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PIXMA MX922 Printing Off To The Left

Canonites,I have a Pixma 922 printer which has worked well for a while. Now it is printing off to the left with no border on thatside. The settings have been rechecked and  'centered' has been chosen and not changed for years. Where do I go from here...

TS302 Not Printing in the Center

I've printed nearly a thousand pages on this printer with zero issues until now. I mainly print PDF sewing patterns so it's very important that the pages are centered and printing at the correct scale. My most recent documents are showing up off cent...

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Transfer Ink from One PIXMA G3202 to Another

I recently purchased a new g3202, however, my previous g3202 still has considerable ink in it.  Is there a way to extract that ink out to use in my newly purchase one?  I have to discard previous one with so much it.  Is there a way to remove the tan...

PIXMA MX330 "Printer in Error State"

My computer was compromised and after fixing this issue, the connection with my Canon MX330 was not working, with error message: "printer in error state"  How do I make the connection again between computer/printer. Help

Canon MG7120 offline on macOS

I tried to instal this for my Mac and it is saying "the developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS. Contact developer for more information." Can anyone help me solve this? My printer will not connect to my macOS so I ...

Pixma MP620 off-line message

I am getting a "printer off-line" message.  I can not print from my HP pc running  Windows 10 via a printer cable.  This is a brand new problem, previously my MP620 printed flawlessly from my PC. All other functions are working great: scanning/copyin...

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