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G3260 Cannon voltage 100 - 220 volt question


Hello and thank you in advance for your replies. I am taking my G3260 with me to Europe. The tag on the bottom says 100 - 220 volts. I can't find any voltage conversion switch on the printer? Does it automatically switch over when I plug it into a 220 volt outlet? Is there a conversion switch on the printer somewhere? If there is one, can you tell me where I can find it? Thanks, Rick




It will convert to the correct voltage automatically.  You may need a plug to adapt it depending on where you will reside.  I want to point out another item which might be more important.  Ink.  Before packing and hauling the printer to Europe, please be 100% sure you can get inks for it.  Since its a mega-tank the odds are in your favor, but I would check before you get it there only to find out getting ink is a problem.  

If you have any reason to think you will have issues procuring ink and don't want to mess with adapters, buy a printer when you arrive at your new location.  If its temporary, donate the printer to a church, school or charity upon your return.  

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