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Printer tech support scam


Hello all.  I have a Canon PIXMA TS6220 inkjet printer purchased in 2018.  Recently it would not connect to my computer.  I tried everything the start up manual told me to do.  Went on YouTube.  Nothing worked.  I signed onto Canon Global (without getting a notice that I needed to register).  While I was typing a question a pop up chat asked me if I wanted help. The pop up helper had a "technician" call me. As I have read in previous comments, I also was a victim of a tech help scam by a company called Technod Solutions.  I have their phone number (have called twice and gotten the person I spoke to originally), and email address. I was scammed out of almost $500 but the worrisome thing is he told me my IP address was not secure that many bad players were using my wifi and that he would run a background clean up and put up a firewall.  I called back when I realized something weird was going on because I did not see the firewall activated on my MAC.  He said it was in the background.  I have changed passwords, kept an eye on accounts and will follow up with Apple to see if they can find anything on my computer. Oddly also, he fixed the connection to my printer! Any advice is welcome however, i mostly want to say:


Thank. you, Andrea



Hello A_Hicks,


We're very sorry to hear that you may have come in contact with a third party pretending to be Canon. As you might have discovered, our products include a 1-year limited warranty which grants you access to free technical support options. Please ensure if you need support in the future that you register your gear at and contact us during business hours at 1-800-652-2666.

Hi.  I registered and tried to call but my printer no longer has phone tech support so I couldn't get a person on the phone.  I was caught in a sign in - you don't have tech support click here - sign in computer loop.  It was maddening.  The best I could do was this community post area.  I will try again tomorrow to at least speak to someone but I have been dealing with this for 3(!) days now and cannot go on!  thx.


That printer is still supported, however if you're outside of your warranty period there may be a charge to speak to a representative. It's $20 and can be purchased on your My Canon Account prior to calling in so you can speak with someone. If they can't troubleshoot to find the issue that charge is given as a credit towards a new printer. 

Thank you I will do that.  I just responded to Rick who was on this thread and asked for his help as well.  Apple told me, after running Malware and some tests and looking at stuff on my computer, that the computer was ok and that Technof did NOT install a firewall.  My printer worked for one day and now is not connecting to my Wifi so therefore, not printing.  

Thx, Samantha

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