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TS9120 will not scan

I am using a MAC with the Monterey system 12.3.1. My Canon Pixma TS9120 will not scan. I have a wireless connection. When I try to scan the message is "Set the PC to start scanning." In the past I've been able to make it scan by unplugging the wires ...

AndrewO by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Pixma mx 922 error code 1008

My Pixma mx922 stopped printing when the lower paper tray was removed to fill with paper and replaced.  It gave error code 1008, but there is obviously paper in the tray.I have tried all of the solutions posted without success.Any more suggestions?

PIXMA G4210 Prints but won't scan

I have 2 Canon Pixma printers - a model G4210 and a model G7000.  They are in physically different locations, on different WIFI networks.  Ever since I installed the G7000, I can no longer scan on the G4210, although printing wirelessly still works f...

PIXMA TS9120 - Won't Connect

I have a canon pixma ts9120.  It was working fine until I disconnected my computer for a trip I was taking.  When I got back I couldn't connect to my printer.  I tried re-bluetoothing and it says my printer isn't discoverable.  So I tried reconnectin...

Pixma MX922 B200 Error Code

Hi guys!Can anyone help me on how to reset a Pixma MX922? It has an Error Code B200. I tried replacing the ink, cleaning the head, disconnecting the power but nothing solves the problem. Please let me know what to do to correct this error.

Canon G2020 Ending.. Please wait momentarily

My Canon G2020 after canceling some print request or when there are paper stuck and I try to stop the print using the stop button. Printer get stuck at Ending... Please wait momentarily. even waiting for 30 minutes, my Printer still stuck at Ending.....

PIXMA MG5520 Faded and Misaligned Black Ink

Hello,I went to go print today and I get a very light faded black ink. I cleaned and deep cleaned the print head. I also did the nozzle pattern and it worked for the colors but did not give me the box on top that it is suppose to. (please see picture...

IMG_0664.jpeg IMG_0663.jpeg

Canon TS6400 inkjet printer magnetism and pacemakers

Prior printer was a laser and I just got this inkjet printer but concerned about the warning for people with pacemakers (I don't have one fortunately) because of the magnetism. Just wondering if this is dangerous in other ways particularly for childr...

Brit1 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies
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