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Resolved! EOS digital?

Reading the DPP4 manual, page 11. Said to download photos to My Computer. Went there but EOS_Digital isn't on the list. Go ot Support????Edit- Looking at T7 manual, also download photos with cable.Best way, in your opinion? TIA!!!

Resolved! Webcam Utility and Zoom on Windows only shows utility logo

Installed the utility for my camera (EOS Rebel T6), rebooted, launched Zoom.  I am able to select EOS as a video source, but it only shows the logo, whether or not my camera is plugged in. Any tricks to enabling the EOS utility (which seems to be ins...

jimtut by Apprentice
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Webcam Utility on Mac Mojave

I had the webcam utility running fine with OBS on my Mac. I installed the regular EOS Utility and after that I can't connect my camera to any apps. It works fine on my other older mac, but since the EOS utility was installed and uninstalled, whenever...

EOS Utility?

Took a few minutes last night to browse through DPP4. Noticed something about EOS Utility. Searched and read through the info in it. Worth downloading? How does it tie into DPP4? TIA.

EOS Webcam Utility Stopped Working

I have a new Mac Mini running Big Sur. When I got the computer, the webcam utility worked just fine until one day a few weeks ago it just stopped working with zoom. It works with Google Meet just fine. I did all of the standard trouble shooting but f...

EOS Webcam Utility Restarting

I'm using the webcam utility on Mac OS Catalina. I've tried it with both my 80D and EOS R.In both cases, the camera will restart the webcam function every 30 minutes. The camera does not shut off, I am not recording, and I have a power adaptor connec...

Photo editing

On another thread, it was mentioned about editing photos. My T7 and File Explorer allow some editing but would like to expand the capabilities. Did the usual search and came up with a list from the XX Best Free Editing Software. GIMP was mentioned a ...

Unable to download EOS Webcam Utility

I have been attempted to download the EOS Webcam Ulitity with no sucess. I have followed the steps to download it correctly and after I run the installation I restart my computer. When I look for the program it isn't in the windows menu. When I reope...

Resolved! Saving Photostich Images - Where?

Where is Photostitch hiding the saved, merged images?  The default location In Windows 7 is in the same folder as the EXE file, in the folder named "C:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\PhotoStitch".  When I go to that folder to copy the image to a new locat...


Odd request for those with 90D's and Macs

It was just reported on the Apple bard that teh Big Sur version of Photos does not show the ISO info from a 90D raw file. It seems to depend on the camera and the version of Photos.Can someone with a Mac and 90D check this out for me?

EOS Web Utility not allowing internal camera

I tried to hop on my zoom call and it seems that the utility has commandeered all controls. I cannot launch my internal camera nor do I have the option to switch from the utility to the other camera. Is this normal?

Karayjoh by Apprentice
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DPP 4.13.10 no longer opening

Morning all not sure if anybody can provide any guidance - I have been using this program for a while now on Win 10 and its been fine. This weekend I brought in the latest photos / videos from my R5 and a 7D11. I started editing a few pics and then n...

DPP 4.13 issue.jpg
CDR by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

EOS M50 not being recognized by EOS Utility

I've got the camera in pairing mode, I've confirmed that it's connected to my wireless network, but the EOS Pairing Software simply cannot find it.  I was able to pair it before but it would disconnect after ~30 seconds and it would take 2 or 3 tries...

Canon 5D camera not conecting in Windows 10

I'm posting this "Lesson Learned" in hopes of saving someone else some time if they have a similar issue. When connecting my camera to my computer via USB, it originally was working fine but recently stopped being recognized by my Windows 10 computer...

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