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EOS Utility - Register Picture Styles "OK" greyed out


Hi all,

I have my Canon EOS R which I'm looking to put custom picture styles on.

Connected to my Windows 10 PC via USB C to A cable, the Camera shows up fine in EOS Utility and Utility 3.


Camera WiFi setting is disabled. Camera Firmware is 1.8. Utility is v3.18.0.4

I can click on the PF2 files in the Utility, but it only leaves me with the "Cancel" option - the "OK" button is greyed out.

I've read a number of online posts here but haven't seen one specifically on resolving this. Would appreciate any help.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings Maeda94,

The "OK" button appears active when changes have been made to the Picture Styles menu of the camera. For example, based on the screenshot in your post, the "FJ Sup" Picture Style appears to have been loaded onto your camera. Selecting the "Delete" option would remove it, and the EOS Utility software application may then allow for you to select the "OK" button. Test to see if this works and then to load the custom Picture Style back onto the camera. You may also test to see if you're able to load a custom Picture Style to Slot 2 / User Defined 2 and then click on "OK" to save your changes.