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HF R80 - Wifi Remote Control? Anyone get this to work?

The hF R80 doesn't come with a remote but says you can use the Canon COnnect software to control the camera from your phone.  has anyone gotten this to work?  I'm baning my head against the wall with how horrible this setup seems. It appears the camc...

Kelemvor by Apprentice
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HF G50 - Video Quality

Hello. I have a G50 with some unexpected behavior that I'm hoping to get a second opinion on.The video quality of my G50 appears to be sub-par, specifically with what appears (?) to be sensor noise.Videos are worth 10,000 words. Here's a sample shot:...

XC 10 grip starting to get loose

I bought an XC 10 used a couple of months ago. I really like this little camera, but the grip/battery holder on the side is starting to come loose. Is there any way to tighten this short of sending it off for repair? Thanks.

How to monitor audio while recording

I just purchased a Vixia hf g50 and and have added a 10" monitor to view while recording.  It is very important to be able to know that I am getting good audio while recording. I don't want to find out later that my audio was poor.  too late then!Can...

VIXIA HF10 - What software to back up on Windows 10?

I no longer have any of the software that came with my VIXIA HF10 camcorder.  I've searched the web, but I can't find the software needed to copy the video files and screen shots from both the internal memory and the external memory card.  I am runni...

Resolved! HFR300 Recording error

After several years of use I was recording a MP4 video and when I went to replay it had a "?" mark where the video should have been and said it cannot play back.. Any suggestions   would be greatly appreciated 

smccown by Apprentice
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XA40 SD Card Memory

Hi, I am new to the community so this may have been answered before (please forgive me if it has).  I see in the instruction manual for the XA40 a table that shows the approximate recording times for 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB & 128 GB SD cards.  Will...

Canon Vixia HF R800 Camcorder - "CHECK MEMORY CARD"

My screen constantly says "CHECK MEMORY CARD." This is happening with every memory card inserted. I have tried initializing cards - I have sought advice online - but no one else seems to have this challenge. How else can I "check" the memory cards? T...

Canon G40 Light Issue

About two months ago I noticed that every video I recorded of vehicles at night showed headlights and beacons surrounding by a glow in a square grid like pattern. This never happened before but now it is constant. I am wondering if I changed a settin...

Suggestions for a Decent Camcorder? (Affordable)

Hi everyone, My dad has used a Canon camera during my childhood, so I have memories of it and knowing it is among good camera brands. I have recently been considering to purchase a camcorder to make general home and nature videos, since I'm tired of ...


Hello, my name is Jeff and I am new to the Canon Forum.  I recently purchased a Canon XA40 4K Camcorder  from B&H and look forward to learning all of the in's & out's of usage over time.  I will be using this site as a place to look for any answers t...

Using the XA11 as an external camera for Windows 10 Home

So I recently bought an XA11 in order to  both film and live stream lessons for my students. The reviews online from multiple sources indicated I would be able to hook this camera up to my computer in order to record video directly to the computer us...

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