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HF 800 SD display issue?


Recently bought a HF 800 to replace a failing HF 400 (kept recording green, flickery screen - suspect the lens/sensor is going).

When I put a 8gb SD card in the 400, it shows the time remain on the LCD screen (as does the 800), but when I put a 32gb SD card in the 800, the time remaining display is not there (the 400 will display time remain with a 32gb SD though).

I can access the time remaining on the 32gb SD in the 800 if I go to the settings (shows 2hr remaining on an empty card), but it won't display time remaining on the LCD screen.  Confused!

Any help would be great!  🙂 



Are you using full-sized cards, or micro-sized cards with adapters?

I can't though think of a reason why that info wouldn't show.  Perhaps it's due to the size? And that anything higher than 8 GB (or perhaps 16 GB?) wouldn't show?


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Yes - it is a full sized SD card.   I also have an 8gb SD that will show time remaining on both units.

I wonder if it gets to a low enough remain time, then maybe the time remaining will show up?  It's just odd the 800 won't display it, but the 400 will?

I know its not the 800 itself, as I have seen videos on the max SD card the 800 will take (apparently it will use a 500+gb SD card) and during the video, you can see there is no time remaining display on the LCD when using a large SD card.