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CANON VIXIA HF R800 - Firmware to convert from NTSC to PAL


Hi there everyone,


I have recently got hold of a Canon Vixia HF R800 (which was bought in the US) and only appears to shoot NTSC, which makes sense as it appears the Vixia is the North America model and the Legria is the European.


My question is whether there is anyway to install firmware onto the camera to allow for 25p recording. There must be a way surely? I would rather not have to go through the process of converting to 25p in post production and I need to deliver at PAL spec. I would rather not have to buy a new (PAL friendly) camera, so I want to see whether I have any other options.


Many thanks.



No. This wouldn't be solvable by firmware as it's a hardware limitation.

Most consumer camcorders would only provide framerates based around a country's electrical frequency (e.g. 60 Hz in the US and 50 Hz in Europe).

Specifically, US-based equipment for video with a single system frequency such as your camcorder would be set to use 59.94 Hz.  That allows for 29.97 fps and sometimes 23.976 fps.

Some higher-end video equipment do allow one to change the system frequency (e.g. between 59.94 Hz, 50 Hz and 24 Hz), so you could then change to framerates based off of that.


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