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Linked Canon 600's Won't Fire

Hoping to get some insight on something that is driving me crazy. I'm attempting to troubleshoot an issue I'm having with my three Canon 600 EX-RTs and my Canon ST-E3-RT transmitter. Specifically, I'm trying to figure out what could cause linked flas...

lblum by Contributor
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Resolved! Re. my previous message regarding MT-24EX macro flash

As a new member I find I'm struggling somewhat. I posted a message regarding my Canon MT-24EX twin lite macro flash. I received a reply asking for further info. I attemped to reply, but somehow lost the converstion.Just in case this gets to the corre...

Hssutton by Apprentice
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flash MT-24EX and MR-14EXII.

I have a Canon 5D mark II and a 100mm Macro IS USM.  I use the flash MT-24EX and MR-14EXII. To obtain a correct white balance (using neutral gray card) with the MT-24 flash I have to shoot with 5800K. When I use the MR-14EXII  flash, and using the te...

Resolved! 580EX II eTTL full power using E-TTL FLASH Off Camera Cord

Using a 5D Mk III with 580EX II.  On the hot shoe, eTTL works fine. Can access camera menu fine.  When I attach eTTL flash off camera cord to get the speedlite off camera, only full power works, and compensation does not work at all.  Full power only...

Speedlite 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT

Hi guys, So i've been testing with the ST-E3-RT remote in combination with the speedlite, and i only seem to be able to get the "REL" option to fire my camera from a distance, when i am putting the ST-E3-RT on my camera and using the speedlite as a r...

Speedlite 580 Exii with diffuser

My 580 EX II exposes properly when the diffuser is not on the flash.  The diffuser is made for this Speedlite and yet when I use it there is a drop in the exposure by about one and a half stops.  I have tried the flash with different manual settings ...


HELP!!!To all my "Seniors" and "Mentors" in Photography,I have an upcoming project that requires FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.I am not a fan of using flash in photography, but this one is a night event. And I think I have to suck up my immature ideologies and m...

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