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Connect 1DX mark 2 with Canon 470EX-AI for off-camera use


Can anyone help me out with this. 


I want to use the 470EX AI but off the camera, I mean not connected to the hotshoe. As the canon manual itself says:


For wireless flash, the 470EX-AI offers optical-type wireless E-TTL only — no radio compatibility.  And, it can only be used off-camera as a wireless Receiver flash… it cannot be used on-camera as a Sender unit, to trigger any off-camera Receiver Speedlites.  

As an optical-type Receiver flash, however, it can be combined with any previous or current Canon Speedlites having optical wireless E-TTL ability, with different Speedlite models mixed and matched as you desire.  The Receiver sensor is on the front face of the flash, and this can be swiveled to face more directly at the on-camera Sender unit as needed, to maximize distance from the camera, and reliability in bright ambient light situations.  As before, an unlimited number of Receiver flashes can be used off-camera with Canon’s optical-type wireless flash, as long as they’re within range of the optical signals from the Sender unit on the camera.  


can anyone please help with how to use the two together? I am aware of the fact that I can't use AI bounce and its optical type wireless and not radio flash so can't make the 470EX AI to communicate with other flashes




What are you using as a master?


If you have no master, it is easier and cheaper to just get an extension cord.


Hello Anshu97, 

In order to use the Speedlite 470EX AI off camera, you will need a Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 to act as the transmitting unit to control the 470 EX AI in an off camera configuration.  

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