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Canon 430 EX III-RT and Yongnuo RF-605C Help




My wife is a wedding photographer and I have been trying to help her get her off-camera flashes working. She said they would sporadically work on-and-off so I wanted to do some troubleshooting to see what the problem was.


Her main flash is the 430 EX III-RT, while her off-camera flashes are the Neewer TT560 used in conjunction with the Yongnuo RF-605C in order to have them connected through wireless/radio signal.


What we noticed was that setup seemed to have a limited range of ~40-50 feet as opposed to the advertised ~100 feet that the 430 EX III-RT and the Yongnuo RF-605C both advertise. Because of that, I decided to mix it up and try using the Neewer TT560 with the Yongnuo RF-605C as both the on-camera and off-camera flash instead of using the 430 EX III-RT. That ended up working as advertised with the range far exceeding the range of the setup with the 430 EX III-RT.


I was wondering if anyone had any insights into the limited range/compatability of using the 430 EX III-RT and off-brand receivers/flashes. She's content with using both the off-brand flash and receiver to achieve the off-camera flash success rate being 100%, but I wanted to look more into it and see if I was missing a setting or something or if, in fact, this is just a limitation of the different brands not being able to function as well when used together.


Thank you!