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C100 / The conversion C-log canon vs. EBU Rec 709

WelcomeIs the camera is the Canon C100 and the C 300 XF Utility ? How to change the recorded programs in C-long to rofilu Rec 709 color attributes? Is the canon has a program to kowersji C-log vs. 709 EBU Rec? Canon C 100 and C 300 have the same colo...

35mm1 by Contributor
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Viewfinder/Loupe option for the C100?

I am curious if anyone has come across a decent option to use on the rear LCD of the C100. I saw a video (at around 6:45) in which the user, Philip Johnston was using a Hoodman Loupe with an extender and the brace to attach...

amoroma by Apprentice
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Resolved! Video EOS discussions please

The Cinema EOS section appears to be suffering from a lack of use or interest.  Numbers of C100-C500 cameras are very limited compared to the number of 5Dmkii, 5Dmkiii, 7D and others using EOS cameras for video.   These posts are getting lost in the ...

How To Clean Your Canon Lenses?

This is my first post here, hello everyone. I recently purchased a 70-200mm 2.8 lens. I love it, but when the lens got dirty I went to the manual to find out how to clean this precision instrument, but it only told me how to clean the contacts. Peopl...

Dugdale by Apprentice
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Congrats to Canon!

I just want to say welcome to the blog world Canon. I think it's great timing to have Canon opening up to the users out there and they, in turn, will have a direct portal to Canon. We at Filmtools look forward to contributing. Jim

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