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c100mk2 - I can´t change spanish language

hi, I wonder if someone could help me, I'm trying to put my camera in Spanish but only the choice of Chinese and English appears recently updated to the latest firmware but even more so options do not appear, thank you very much

cApjazz by Apprentice
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C100 as Webcam

Hi guys, I want to live stream from my pc with my C100. I connect the USB but my PC doesn't see my C100 as Webcam. How can do my C100 as Webcam in my PC? Best regards

cenk10 by Apprentice
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Recording Time on CFast 2.0 on XC10

I cannot seem to find how long the recording time is for a 32 GB CFast 2.0 Card at 4K ~200mbps and ~300 mbps.  Anyone help on this matter?  Also, how long with the battery last?

drdimento by Contributor
  • 3 replies

C100mk2 - dual slot recording file naming

Hello,  I have a C100mk2 and usually use dual slot recording for backup purposes.  What I don't like though is that the files are numbered differently on both cards even if both are clean formatted at the start of the shoot.    Is there a way to have...

SteveJF by Apprentice
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C300 Mark2 - High level of noise

Hi Everyone, I have just picked up a brand new C300 MkII and I am getting a terrible high level of noise, even at 800 ISO. I went to CPS in Europe (France) and their technician agreed the footage is getting too much noise but just blamed it on using ...


MPG4 35Mbps Frame rate

 Hi, guys. I am a professional still photographer but new to cinema camera. I have a question to ask. I am making a documentary film and I do not know whether I have to use AVCHD or MPG 4. In MPG4 there is a 35Mbps setting. It looks good but when I s...

1DC firmware 4k 30P

I would like to know where one could make an official request to canon for a 30p frame option, firmware addon, for the 1dc in 4k ? It's the one single feature i most desire on this camera ..   

wkvanwyk by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

C100 judder footage issue on playback

Hi,Hope someone can help me on here.I've shot some footage on the C100 and am having problems in post.None of the clips play smooth and seem to have a judder effect.I shot them in 50i by mistake but it doesn't look like interlacing is the problem.I h...

LANC Remote for Canon C100 Rec. start/stop

Hi,I am looking for a 2.5mm LANC Remote to trigger Rec. start-stop on my C100 (one push AF would be awesome, if supported). I want to attach it to the tripod handle. I can't find any information about it and Canon support says they don't know about 3...

jan_cgn by Apprentice
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Handle Bar Rig with Focus & Zoom Control with C300

Hi everyone!  I'm the Tech Director at my church and I'm putting together a proposal for a C300 camera rig.  I'd like to know if there is a handle bar system I can set up with focus and zoom controls on the handles.  I know this depends upon whether ...

Easy to use, on the go camera slider dolly?

Hey guys!Are there any easy to use, on the go camera slider dollies that is easier to set up than the indislider? I have one but it's a little heavy and the track isn't the smoothest (I've tried olive oil and water, there's still slight bumps on the ...

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