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What are your Canon C100 Importing Best Practices?


I am feeling nervous about transferring my Canon C100 data to my computer. I have a Mac and a PC laptop, and I'm reading so many different things online. The first time I used the Canon C100, for some reason, after I imported my files to my Windows laptop (it wouldn't even show on my Macbook), the C100 couldn't read my files anymore. Yellow question marks would show up in place of my files in the Media setting. Should I be able to just use the SD cards in my laptop's SD card reader to transfer the files? I've read I should always use a card-reader. Does having Disk Import Utility versus not affect this?


I have really important footage in my rental camera right now, and I would really appreciate any insight/sort of protocol here. 



Hi kapnorahs!


When transferring the files, you'll need to make sure the folder and file structure from the card remains in tact. If not, the files may become unreadable by your editing software. Using the Data Import Utility can certainly help, as it will ensure the files are imported properly.


Hope this helps!