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Canon XA-70 File+ Workflow questions

Appreciate any help!!! information has been hard to find when it comes to the camcorders.Notes: Canon XA70 Camcorder using Premier pro and rec709 colorspace. for color grading and editing.1. Do I need to transcode the XA-70 xf-avc files prior to edit...

XA-60 Focus Issue

Hello all!  Long time user of the Canon XA-10 here... wonderful camera.  Still using it for weddings and events after a decade of use.  If it could only film in 4k, it would be the perfect little camera.  Recently got a couple XA-60's.  Great cameras...

XA60 vs G70 for Cinematic Filming

Hello I’m trying to do some comparative research on these two camcorders and need a professionals opinion. I believe I’ve narrowed my search down to these. I currently have a SL3 and while I do like it, I believe a camcorder will be better suited to ...

XA40 cycles on and off a/c power, no battery

We use XA40s for streaming 1 hr weekly.  Been using for 3 years with no problems.  But lately, the cam cycles on and off.  I don't think problem is the power supply, but fear something with camera.Any suggestions?

u18b by Apprentice
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XF605 Uncompressed HDMI Output

Hi.I would like to know if the XF605 does output uncompressed video through HDMI for a cleaner video as the footage coming out of the camera is a bit noisy.I remember a few of my older Canon DSLRs would produce slightly better image quality when reco...

Bizo by Apprentice
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Resolved! C70 a little soft?

Hi, I'm wondering if C70 owners are seeing the images from the camera a little soft?  Is this a usual thing? I recently got my C70 (a refurb unit) and started using it.  Overall I love it, but when I dropped some C70 footage into a project alongside ...

C70 Sharp +0.jpg C70 Sharp +50.jpg X70 Sharp +0.jpg

Canon PTZ CR-N300 3rd Party Controller Issues

Hi,I recently purchased a CR-N300 and I'm trying to pair it with a third party controller via visca IP, but it doesn't seem to be working. The controller is the AVKANS Super PTZ, is able to find the camera and get the IP, but once it tries to connect...

gabes by Apprentice
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Resolved! XA40 stuck in Auto Mode…

Came back to work after holiday break and our XA40 is stuck in Automatic mode, with an “AUTO” Oval in the top left of the screen in place of the normal “A” Block (or “M”, “P”, etc).We have a XA40 and XA60 and the latter is working like normal, switch...

bt9 by Apprentice
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Canon XA50 Focusing issues

Hello All, I just bought a Canon XA50 camcorder.  For the most part, it has been great.  But the transition from Sony to Canon has had a few snags.  The biggest problem I'm experiencing is problems with KEEPING THE VIDEO FOCUSED when I ZOOM in or out...

C70 Firmware grey'd Out

Hey All, Stoked just picked up a c70, and have not shot a thing with it yet. I'm trying to get all of the firmware up-to-date - it went to Canon to grab the latest update, and found a tutorial on youtube on how to do an update, but when I go ...

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