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Streaming via CR-N300 PTZ Stops

Have a CR-N300 PTZ camera and use it in a school district. It streams to YouTube great. However, it always stop around the 3 hour and 20 ish minutes mark. Ran packet capture and only thing found was a Reset for the stream. Any Ideas on extending this...

Audio issue with XF300

Hi,I've recently purchased a Canon XF300 and I can't seem to get stereo to record to my flashcard. I believe I have the settings and switches correct. I'm testing using a music player and going line in through the XLR inputs. I can hear the stereo se...

deadboog by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

C300 Mark III purple/white frame glitch

 Hi,C300 Mark III occasionally produces footage containing a frame with a purple / white glitch (see photo of laptop screen below). This glitch occurs consistently in the same place when viewing the files directly from the memory card as well as afte...

bjorneo by Contributor
  • 4 replies

C300 Mk III and saving settings

Hello,Is there a means to save the C300's settings to the SD card?  I have searched the menus, as well as the manual, but have not found any means of accomplishing that task.  It appears that with each firmware update the camera's settings are reset ...

Help connecting RC-IP100 Remote Camera Controller

I've just installed the new Canon CR-N500 PTZ camera. I've got it powered and connected via NDI where I can see it and have control of the camera via software. So, the camera is working great and looks amazing. The issue is I cannot seem to connect t...

XA55 impossible firmware update

I opened two times a ticket and after a week received no reply whatever, even no automatic email confirmation. It seems the ticket system is bugged because at least the automatic email confirmation should work.So let's try here.There is a new (the on...

Francus by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Hahnel HL-A30 batteries (BP-A30 alternative)

Hey all, since batteries can be quite an expense, I thought people might be interested in my experience with Hahnel's alternatives to the BP-A30 battery (C70, C300, etc.).I've had one Canon BP-A30 and two Hahnel HL-A30s, and I've been using them, pre...

C200 XF-AVC C-Log 3 Different from CRM C-Log 3

Hey everyone, new user here. So I've been working with the C200b since December. When the new XF-AVC format was included in the latest firmware, I was finally freed of the painful MP4 proxy workflow. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble figuring out wha...

CRM Example 1.jpg XFAVC Example 1.jpg
Hale by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Matching C300 MK III 4k output with Sony A7s III

In a past thread we'd discussed the fact that the 4k output from the C70 and C300 MKIII tends too be somewhat soft. Sharpening in an NLE such as Resolve goes a long way towards offering significant improvement.  That said, the other day, I had been i...

Bag for Canon C300 MK III

It appears that this forum is not heavily trafficked, but I thought that I would add an FYI post regarding bags.I had been searching for a bag to carry the MK III completely built, so that it would be ready to go at a moment's notice.  The Tenba Cine...

Tenba Cineliuxe 24.jpeg

Resolved! Canon Cinema RAW Light plugin

Could someone please point me to where I can download the playback plugin for Final Cut Pro? I'm finding it impossible to locate. Search produces no results. Software needs a specific camera tuype it looks like. I don't know what the camera is at thi...


Hello,I've just received my C300 MK III, and in the process of setting up the camera I was surprised to learn that the camera's electroinc stabilization is not funtional when recording in RAW.  If I had to guess, I would say that it is processor rela...

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