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ipf6400 printer

WE  have had the IPF6400 for 13 months and have already replaced 3 print heads and now getting a power error and of course just ran out of warranty. Extended warranties are $1000.00 and do not cover print heads..... For Canon to send out a technican ...

Just got my Pro-1!

Hi all, I just got the Pro-1 and am pretty exited to print my own prints again. I have a fairly long history with Canon photo pritners including the S900, i9900, and Pro9000. Couple questions here: Is there a minimum timespan I should go without maki...

Resolved! Confusion over matching selection

I print from Lightroom and Photoshop using custom print profiles that I make.  To use these I must turn off colour controls in the Canon print driver.   To do this say in Lightroom Print Module I go to: Page SetupPrint PropertiesMain tabColor/Intensi...

beemer by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Pro-100 Does Not Wake Up

I have been using the Pro-100 for a few months now. I have it connected by wireless to my local LAN. The problem that I am experiencing is that when I attempt to print, I cannot communicate with the printer. I can turn the printer on, and see that it...

Purging after every print?

Just installed my Pixma Pro 10s.  I have noticed that after every print the printer makes a 20 second long noise similar to the print head cleaning cycles I heard when clearing my Epson R3000 nozzles. Is this what I am hearing and if yes why do this ...

beemer by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

printing issue

I have a pixma pro-100. I am trying to print a borderless photo and each time it cuts off part of my image. I am printing a jpeg image and no matter what size i pick it doesn't show the whole image when printed.

StefanyK by Apprentice
  • 6 replies
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