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Pixma Pro-10 prints first print slow

Hello everyone, I'm looking for some help with my Pixma pro-10 and I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could solve my problem. I've had the printer for just under a year and in the past 3 months the issue has started happening more often. The printer...

New Pixma Pro-10 only makes loud sound

I just received a new Pixma Pro-10 and am trying to set it up for its first use.  Following the Quick Start guide, I've removed all of the orange tape and shipping materials.  Then I plug it in and press the power button.  The printer makes some norm...

Raucko by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

print border cut off

Hello, I just got a Pixma Pro 10 yesterday and after several hours figuring stuff out (downloading the right software, etc) as my cd/dvd drive is not working. I finally was able to print a test print. My issue is that after I made a print, on one sid...

Resolved! I just purchased a Canon Pro 100 printer.

Installation went well.  I have PC with Win 7, using CS6.  I calibrate my monitor with Spyder Monkey 3.  I can take my files to a custom printer in the Seattle area and my print matches my file 99% of the time (night sky images need a little further ...

NW_Roy by Contributor
  • 17 replies
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