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B&W Printing on the Pro-100

I just received my Pro-100 and am trying to get a feel for printing with it.  A couple of questions if I may: I have a bunch of EpsonPremium Glossy Photo Paper left from my last printer.  What would be an appropriate profile to use with this printer ...

Ken_k by Contributor
  • 3 replies


    Has anyone been successful in printing to a Pixma PRO-100 from DxO Optics Pro V 8 or 9?  DxO has a print 'module' in V8 & 9 to facilitate printing but I still cannot print a 4x6" image on the PRO-100. The DxO Print screen has a very limited set o...

Pixma Pro 100 vs. Pixma Pro 10

I'm lookingh for practicle information on the differences between the Pixma Pro 100 and the Pixma Pro 10.  I know the Pixma Pro 100 uses 8 dye cartridges and the Pixma Pro 10 uses 10 pigment cartridges.  I know the Pixma Pro 100 is faster at printing...

phmassie by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Custom size on Art Paper....

Hi! I have a Pixma 1 Pro, and using Canson PhotoArt HD Canvas and want to use the roll I got to cut it to the maximum size allowed by the custom size, but the setup does not allow me to use the fine art papers without the 30mm borders, which I have r...

Pixma 5300 print problem

Hi everyone, just joined, hope ive posted in the right place !  Ive been searching for days to get some info in how i can print two 4x6 photos on an  A4 sheet.Ive not long bought my Pixma printer, and im really happy with it apart from the "layout " ...

Tifa by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Pro 100 printing

I replaced a HP Photosmart B8550 with a Pro-100 recently.  In printing images both that I printed previously on the HP and some I have only printed on the Canon Pro-100 I am having frustrating results.  I am getting darker prints and less intensity o...

Stuart by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Pixma Pro-100, ICC Profiles, etc

I'll try to make a long story short.  About 5 months ago I bought a Canon T3i camera.  Didn't like the prints I got at department stores, bought a PIxma Pro-100.  Did some more research, realized I need to calibrate my monitor, bought a Datacolor Spy...

JohnB352 by Contributor
  • 6 replies

New PIXMA PRO-100 owner needs advice

After my i860 passed away a couple months back, I struggled to find a replacement. I settled on the PRO-100. Picked one up a couple weeks ago and finally installed it today. With regards to the drivers: I ran the Mini Master Setup as downloaded from ...

Network Printing on Pixma Pro-100

I've set up my new Pro-100 in a good environment (good venitlation, space, solid surface), but its not close to my main photo editting computer. No problem, I thought, I will connect to it it via my home network. So I set it up and configured it with...

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