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printing image from Epson scanner through photoshop color problem


Hello. I just bought a Canon Pro 100. I am trying to print scans I have made using an Epson Photoperfection V600 scanner. I edit through photoshop (CS6) and the color profile is epson (picked up from the scanner). When I go to print, I do the following.


1. Edit --> assign profile --> Canon pro 100 --> OTHER glossy paper (am using Epson papers - I have tried canon, no difference, paper is not the issue).


I have to do this, because regardless of whether I let photoshop or the printer handle colour management, the colour that comes out is totally different (see images). Note that the monitor produces images exactly as they come out of the printer (Dell Precision 4K screen).


2. I then edit in photoshop to match orginal epson colours. This is impossible because no matter what I do, I lose the blues and purples (I have done a nozzle check, all good, plenty of OEM ink). The colours in the canon profile are warmer or urine soaked, depending on your spin. I really want the epson colours from the original scanner.


3. Disable colour management in the Canon printer software. There appear to be two places I have to do this. First in the photoshop window that comes up when you hit cntrl + P, and second, in the canon set up, where in page set up I TICK the box that says "disable the colour profile setting of the application software". I have also selected in the Quick set up menu "color/intensity manual adjustment" and then in matching, I select NONE. So possibly three places I have to disable canon management. 


These three steps get me somewhat closer to the original epson colour, but the cast is still low on cyans and blues, and the image is much less brilliant. Could someone please walk me through printing the epson colors on this canon printer? (PS I have also tried managing colours through Canon, but the images are even worse.)

Epson and canon colour profiles 02.jpg



Since you have Photoshop try using Canon print Studio Pro software and see if that helps.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic