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Resolved! Pro-100 - Number of prints

New to this forum, but long time Canon user. Does anyone know how to find out how many prints a Pro-100 has made. I have a 5 1/2 year old Pro-100 and was just wondering. Thanks 

Pixma Pro-100 cuts off the end of the paper

Hello, I have this trouble with pro-100 where the end of any photo and any photo size is cut off. I had to return it and get another one and that one had no problem. For some other reasons I had to return that too and switched stores and the third Pr...

photoshop 4by6.png psp4by6.png psp4by6zeromarginsInd.png 20181201_081524.jpg
aram by Apprentice
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Pro-100 Washed out blacks

Hi I just got my pro 100 yesterday, the first few prints I printed were nice, deep blacks, but I started messing with the software too much and my computers profiles to try and get the colors to print like on my screen. I'm printing from print studio...

testprint.png testprint2.png

Resolved! Lightroom Classic 8.0 and Print Studio Pro

I just installed my printer. I noticed that in Lightroom Classic 8.0 that Print Studio Pro does not show up in my Plug-in Extras. I went onto the Canon web site and downloaded the newest version of Print Studio Ver. 2.2.3 and installed it. It still d...

Pesta2 by Apprentice
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Ix PIXMA Pro 100 any good?

Hi All, I am thinking of getting the Canon Pixma Pro 100. So far all the reviews on Amazon are rather disappointing. It appears a lot of people are having problems with getting the printer to work. And the most common complains have to do with the pr...

limvo05 by Rising Star
  • 10 replies

Canon Pixma Pro-100 Printing Too Dark

Hi there, I'm an artist who just bought a Canon Pixma Pro-100 to print photos of my oil paintings My intent is to sell the prints. I'm using an early-2015 13 inch Macbook Pro running macOs High Sierra. I'm using Canson Rag Photographique Ultra Smooth...

PreviewvsPhotoshop.jpg Untitled-1300x1300-web.jpg Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 8.16.51 PM.png
amym by Apprentice
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Canon Pixma Pro 100 - printing lines

Hello, I have noticed that my printer is printing lines while printing. I have done a nozzle check and printed a test page and it seems that the photo cyan ink is the culprit as the test page had the same lines on that colour section.  Do I just need...

New Pixma Pro

I have a IMac computer and recently purchased the Canon Pro 100 printer. I am totally underwhelmed by the print quality. I am going to calibrate my screen as soon as my Spyder comes. I also have been trying to download the Canon plug in to use with p...

nancyr84 by Contributor
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