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Pro10s - all ink light turned off


I had a cyan ink change and all ink lights were red and all the packageing on the new cyan was removed as per the instructions

As soon as I tried to print i got 4 flashing amber lights indicating cartridge not installed or recognised.


I have tried every thing i could think of to rectify this - removing the cyan, removing all cartridges, inserting the old (nearly empty cyan) powering off and on. how can I get the printer to reset it self and heck the cartridges again?


BTW this is not the first time I have had this problem - a recent photo black also did the same thing and after removing all cartridges and trying again several times the lights came back on. These are canon cartidges.


I have never been able to have a smooth cartidge change on this printer but I guess it is now out of warrenty and I really should have complained earlier.


Please any one with any ideas